Ulldecona - Santi Martorell 



The production process




Harvesting takes place at the time when the olives have reached optimum ripeness, usually during the months of October, November and only in exceptional cases in December. The harvesting process is completely manual. The dispersion of the trees, their big spread and the resistance to the detachment of the fruit makes mechanisation impossible.


On the same day of the harvest all the olives are brought to the mill in hygienic rigid boxes of 25kg, in order to avoid crushing and fermentation.


In the mill, the oil is extracted cold from an exclusive millennial oil production line at a temperature below 27 degrees celsius, which allows for full preservation of the aromas and flavour from the freshly harvested fruit.


To remove impurities and moisture Etern oil is filtered and the outcome is an impressive extra virgin oil.


To protect the oil from light it is decanted into stainless steel tanks, at a temperature of 18 degrees celsius whilst maintaining a very low oxygen content level. Nothing should alter its unique characteristics.


Our millennial oil is packaged in 250, 500 and 700 ml bottles, and hand labelled with the utmost care. The minimalistic and elegant design of the bottle and its unique packaging enhances the exceptional characteristics of Etern.