The experience of savouring a legacy of centuries past.


A tasting of our millenary Farga extra virgin oil is an extraordinary gastronomic pleasure and a unique experience.

It is recommended to consume it crude. It wonderfully harmonizes with acidic fruits, gazpachos, steamed fish and shellfish, steamed and raw vegetables. If you choose pasta just add a little of this liquid gold to enjoy a real taste explosion. It delightfully complements with chocolate, fresh cheese such as mozzarella or burrata as well as black and white truffles.

A unique product in the world.

The "Aceite Farga Milenaria" Guarantee Mark, the only one in the world that certifies supreme origin and quality.

Pure exclusivity.

Fruit of an environment shaped by humans for millennia.

The “Territori Sénia” is a landscape where Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs have left their mark.

The experience of savouring a legacy of centuries past.

One of the most authentic treasures of the Mediterranean.

The land of the eternal olive trees is a place that exudes an intense but austere beauty, without stridency, and which requires conservation efforts.

The opportunity to contribute to the preservation of an endangered heritage.

Source of life.

From Greek mythology to the Mediterranean diet, the olive tree and by extension its oil, has always been a symbol of life, fertility and immortality.

The healthiest millennial tradition.